Walk In Cooler Maintenance Tips

Keep It Clean

Use mild detergent and water to clean the interior of your walk-in cooler, but avoid harsh chemical cleansers that could damage metal surfaces and the panel finish. Sweep and spot-mop cooler floors regularly, but avoid extensive wet mopping that increases moisture inside your walk-in and creates slip-and-fall hazards. Clean evaporator fans and coils at least semiannually to help maintain proper airflow. Keep the area around fans and coils clear to prevent airflow obstructions.

walk in cooler


  • Keep evaporator coil clean
  • Keep condenser coil clean
  • Prevent ice buildup
  • Inspect door hinges and seals
  • Monitor temperature daily
  • Schedule pro maintenance
  • Check drain pipe

Prevent Ice Buildup

Ice buildup affects the evaporator coil, which prevents your walk-in cooler from reaching the desired temperature and drastically reduces efficiency. An accumulation of ice can also damage the compressor. Prevent ice buildup by regularly cleaning the condenser coil. Dirty coils reduce airflow and may generate more moisture, which could lead to ice buildup or create the ideal environment for harmful mold or bacteria growth. Also, check the drain and drain pan for clogs that cause water to pool and freeze, which could also lead to ice forming on the coil. Read more …


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