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Walk In Cooler/Freezer

Walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer are built for large volume commercial storage space. Walk-in refrigeration systems play an important role in most restaurants and supermarkets. Walk-in cooler and walk in freezer can hold almost everything from vegetables, fruits, milk, ingredients, seafood to meat. Walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer are two types of refrigeration systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

See ice or frost builds up on the evaporator behind fan? Your refrigeration system may has leaks, malfunctioning thermostat, defrost problem, leaking door gasket, etc.

If water wouldn’t drain out it will flood out of evaporator pan in walk-in cooler and freeze up in evaporator pan in walk-in freezer, the drain line in the walk-in refrigeration is clogged. For walk-in freezer the drain line heater may be dead.

If you see ice build up around walk in freezer door frame, check your door frame heater. Use your hand touch the door frame if you didn’t feel warm the door frame wire heater is dead.

Walk-in cooler and freezer are very similar in operation to residential and light commercial refrigerator and freezer. Warm air is moved from the designed space to the area around the condenser. A thermostat controls required temperature, typically walk in coolers: between 35 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit, and walk in freezer typically between 0 to -10 Fahrenheit. At set temperature, the refrigeration cycle is triggered. Both the compressor and the condenser fan are turned on.

Liquid refrigerant is pushed by compressor through a metering device into evaporator where liquid refrigerant becomes gas refrigerant, which absorbs large amount heat and lower the temperature of evaporator. Cold air is blown out of the evaporator by evaporator fan and circulated throughout the designed space where it absorbs heat. Gas refrigerant brings inner heat to outside of the designed space, and releases it via condenser coil and fan.

The phases of refrigerant – liquid to gas, gas to liquid changes again and again in refrigerant system, heat of designed space is removed to outside again and again. When temperature reaches to set point the compressor and fan are turned off, and the evaporator fan continues to run. For walk in freezers, defrost timer controls defrost cycles to avoid evaporator ice up.

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