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Residential Refrigeration

Residential refrigeration system is similar to commercial reach-in refrigerators and freezers in working principles. Residential use of commercial refrigeration equipment increased in the last few years. There are many different types of residential appliances: French Door Refrigerator, Side by Side Refrigerator, Top Freezer Refrigerator, Drawer Refrigerator, freezers, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If freezer cool but refrigerator is not cooling, the evaporator coil fan may fail or the vent to refrigerator is clogged. Replace evaporator fan or remove vent blockages.

A loud noise from the freezer area, which may be caused by ice buildup around the evaporator fan. There may be several reasons causing ice buildup. 1. Defrost timer is failed; 2. Evaporator heating element is failed; 3. Thermostat is failed; 4. Drain line is clogged; 5. Broken door gasket; etc

If both refrigerator and freezer are not working the compressor may not run. Nowadays compressors are rarely failed. If the compressor is not running overload or relay-start capacitor may be burned out. Broken thermostat temperature control and electronic control board are also two reasons may cause compressor stop running.

With development of technology and achievement of high energy efficiency residential refrigeration system has been more complicated than before. For example, Some models of Kitechaid use a so-called sequential dual evaporator refrigeration system: Two sets of separate evaporator coils and capillary tubes, one is for refrigerator and one is for freezer. A 3 way valve is used to direct refrigerant flow to either the refrigerator or freezer evaporator coil depending on the compartment in need of cooling.

To achieve higher energy efficiency an inverter controlled variable speed 3 “phase” compressors is used. The 3 “phase” design is not the split 3 phase what you are familiar with. The new variable capacitor compressor modulates the motor speed depending upon the cooling capacity needed.

With developments of technology more and more higher efficient and more “green” residential refrigeration system will be introduced into residential market.

dual evaporator coil refrigeration system
Dual Evaporator Coil Refrigeration System Design
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Inverter Controlled Variable Speed Compressor
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French Refrigerator


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