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Commercial ice machines are essential equipment in food service industry, supermarket, transportation truck, hospitality facilities, etc. There are three type of ice machines according to the heating releasing types from condenser coil and condenser unit location: 1. air cooled ice machines which are normally used in cooler environment; 2. water cooled ice machines are normally used in extremely hot environment; 3. Remote cooled unit which has an outside condenser unit and evaporator cold plate normally located inside of a building.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If ice machine does not make any ice there are several reasons: make sure the unit is turned on and set at correct temperature, frozen or clogged water line.

If ice machine does not make enough ice as before or as it suppose to there may be following reasons: frozen refrigeration lines, low water pressure, water valve, dirty condenser, high environmental temperature, etc.

Clogged water supply line such as dirty water filter, low water pressure, defective thermistor or electronic control board, leaking water pump, dirty air filter, dirty condenser, etc.

According to different applications several types of ice shapes are produced. Some are easily chewable, some are harder, which melts slower and is good for keeping cold food displayed safely. Cube, half-cube, nugget, crescent, flake and gourment. Each ice shape has its own features and applications. When choosing your ice machine there are three factors to keep in mind: environmental temperature, which ice shape fits your needs and how much ice you will need per day.

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Cube Ice

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Half Cube Ice

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Crescent Ice

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Flake Ice

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Nugget Ice

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Gourmet Ice