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Commercial refrigeration systems have different types according to their applications.

Reach in Refrigeration, Prep Table Refrigeration, Merchandising Refrigeration, Back Bar Refrigeration, worktop refrigeration and refrigerated display case, etc. The above mentioned refrigeration equipment is popular refrigeration systems in restaurant, bar etc food service area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. If you see frost and/or ice in your commercial refrigeration system or on its various parts, your equipment may have poor airflow, refrigerant leaks, door seals or bad thermostat. Call HVAC-R technician ASAP to repair it.

If your refrigeration equipment struggles to cool down designed space, or not cold enough you may have deficient door gasket, bad compressor or refrigerant leaks.

When refrigeration equipment runs it does generates noise from fan, compressor, etc. But if you hear abnormal or loud noise from your refrigeration system there must be some problem with your equipment. Call a trained professional to fix it before losing big.

Understanding how these refrigeration systems work, proper maintenance which will save hundreds for you.

reach in refrigeration

Reach-In Refrigeration

Prep Table Refrigeator

Prep Table Refrigeation

merchandising refrigeator

Merchandising Refrigerator

sushi display case

Refrigerated Display Case

worktop refrigerator

WorkTop Refrigeration

bar refrigeration

Bar Refrigeration