Regular Ice Machine Cleaning and Maintenance

Good practices enhance food safety, extend equipment life

Very few end users fully understand the importance of properly cleaning and sanitizing their ice machines, storage bins, and dispensers. Many don’t even view ice as a food commodity. Yet the quality and safety of every beverage they serve as well as the longevity and power consumption of their equipment depends on proper maintenance of this equipment.

ice machine

Special Tips

  • Water Filtration
  • Clean regularly
  • Use only approved chemicals
  • Correct cleaning tools
  • Locate it at cool dry place
  • Read manufacturer manual
  • Don’t shutdown randomly

Adding to the problem is that some contractors and technicians may not realize the importance of how to properly perform this task and how to help customers maintain the quality of ice that is being consumed. Many rush through ice machine cleaning and sanitizing using untrained, entry-level personnel to minimize the cost to their customers. In reality, they are doing their customers a disservice by not being effective at eliminating bacterial growth and scale deposits.

Here are some tips that can help your company do a thorough job when cleaning this equipment and help ensure your customers’ food safety. Read more …


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