Condenser coils are not so easy to leak, but it does leaks when some hard things punch condenser units or incorrect length screws are used. Most leaks on condenser coils are on the U shape brazing joints. Copper tubes exposed to brazing temperature are significantly weakened. Those joints are brazed by robots in the factories, which are not as strong as seamless non-brazed tubing. Those joints are prone to leak years after installations.

At some points of copper tubing there are defects during manufacturing. Copper tubing can be cracked and leads to leak.

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There are some signs that your air conditioner or refrigeration system (refrigerator, freezer, walk in cooler, walk in freezer, reach in refrigerator, prep table, etc) may have leaky condenser coil.

Refrigerant plays a vital role in the refrigeration system, which removes heat from designed space and release it to outside. When air conditioner does not cooling as before, or refrigeration system warms, compressor will keeps running and running because the temperature couldn’t be reached to set point on thermostat. You may see higher bill from utility company.

When refrigerant leaks to certain low level (on pressure/temperature, lower than 32 F) you will see iced evaporator coil of your air conditioner or refrigeration system. When more ice builds up on evaporator it will block air flow and causes more ice on evaporator.

If you can disassemble the condenser unit you might be able see oily stain spot. Compressor lubricant oil cycles in refrigerant system with refrigerant. When refrigerant leaks to outside lubricant oil comes out simultaneously.

Just let professional HVAC-R technician do a refill is not the correct solution for your leaking refrigerant system. A professional HVAC-R technician has to find the leak hole and fix it.

If you didn’t find leak in your condenser coil please check our other parts and their symptoms for your failed HVAC-R systems.