HVAC-R Professional Technician Youtube Video Channels

I have learned a lot from Youtube videos posted by HVACR pro technicians. I would like to post some Youtube channels from which I have learned a lot. Hopeful these channels will help you better understand the HVACR trade.

AC Service Tech LLC, created by Craig Migliaccio who is a licensed HVACR teacher. He posted a lot of quality Youtube teaching traning videos which are great for HVACR technicians, DIYers and homeowners. He also has a website to introduce more HVACR knowledge, technologies, maintenance tips, etc. Please visit his website for more info.

HVAC School a Youtube channel created by Bryan Orr. HVAC School Youtube channel provides many quality training and repairing maintenance tips, etc. He also has a website, please visit their website for more info and services.

Word of Advice TV is a Youtube channel created by a HVAC Pro technician who posted a lot of quality youtube videos for HVACR technicians and homeowners to trouble shooting air conditioner, gas furnaces, etc. His channel has very useful information which will save homeowners tons of money if you are DIYers.

Rookie Refrigeration Youtube channel is created by a HVAC-R professional technician who is working in residential and commercial HVAC-R field. He posted a lot of real time field repair videos for HVACR technicians and DIYers.

Gray Furnace man is created by a retired HVACR pro technician who provides many useful training and instruction for HVACR technician and homeowners. He explains HVACR parts clearly.

HVAC Shop Talk is created by a Professional HVACR technician who provides many trade field training videos.