Find some useful websites for better HVAC-R understanding

HVAC School a website created by professional HVAC technicians from Kalos Services Inc and managed by Bryan Orr. HVAC School provides quality training from techs by techs and other services. Please visit their website for more info and services.

Repair Clinic is a part re-sale website. They provide a lot of home appliance parts, and repair videos. If you are a DIYer you may save a lot of money. Check their website for your appliance parts and repair videos.

TrueTech Tools is a online sale website sells professional devices for HVAC-R technicians.

Established in 1926, The Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration NEWS is the HVACR contractor’s weekly news magazine and is the industry’s most trusted and utilized direct communications link to the HVACR buyer. This website also provides a lot of useful HVAC-R basic knowledge.