When the outside ambient temperatures start to rise, undersized or older, less efficient air-conditioning units will have trouble cooling inside air of building. Replace your old AC unit will save your electric and repairing bills in the long run.

 Ideally, all air conditioners should be performed maintenance twice a year, though once is sufficient for some AC systems. Without proper AC maintenance to keep your system working efficiently you will get higher electrical bills. By cleaning the air conditioner outside condenser coils at least once a year, and following preventative measures to keep your clean during summer time.

In Louisiana a properly running air conditioner should show “sweating” on the suction copper line (the big thick copper pipe) after running around 10 min. If you didn’t see sweating on on the suction pipe your AC might be low on refrigerant, which need a professional check-up.

If you see your AC thick pipe is frozen up, your AC may has a clogged air filter, stop-running blower fan motor, dirty evaporator coil, or clogged filter drier, etc. Call a licensed professional to check it.